10 races booked, 2 selected, 1 requiring inspiration!

Well it’s been an interesting week!

On Tuesday I was on a course and got to announce the 13 Challenge – and got a round of applause which I didn’t expect. But now it’s official, poster designed, justgiving page announced and suddenly the idea that was in my head a week ago is real, tangible and out there. Part of me is quite apprehensive but hell, I’m really looking forward to it.

A lot of people I speak to talk down about running. “It’s boring” being the usual complaint. But perhaps it’s that simplicity that I love. No complications to think about, it’s just me out there (OK maybe 1000+ other runners may feature along the way) and it’s all about listening to body, relaxing out from all the day to day baggage and enjoying the escapism.

And if it’s raising money to research an illness as horrific as Myeloma then that’s even better.

So the schedule so far:

Races Booked:

North West Half-Marathon
The Island Race (Anglesey)
Wilmslow Half-Marathon
Blackpool Half-Marathon
Snowdonia Half-Marathon
Chester Half-Marathon
North Wales Half-Marathon
Macclesfield Half-Marathon
Oxford Half-Marathon
Conwy Half-Marathon


Congleton Half-Marathon
Tatton Half-Marathon

plus 1 more, plus a 10 miler and a short bike ride…..


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