Bang! Blackpool and Burgers

Not been the greatest of weeks but at least I finished with a race!

I’m very good at burying my emotions by being madly busy, and when work is also madly busy this gives a great recipe for me to totally take myself out in the process.  Mark’s death last summer have been weighing very heavily on me recently and I suspect this was as much as result of the busy work cycle including the mad decorating dash of Christmas. Anyway, it’s fair to say something ‘popped’ on Monday. Not best ever but at least it’s forced me to do something about it.

ImageAnyway, today the 13 Challenge kicked off with the Great North West Half Marathon in Blackpool. Weather was cold but the sun eventually made a guest appearance and despite the straightforward course it was hard work at the end. More training required! Official results have just been posted up (on John Schofield’s results site)  at 1h38m23s which I’m not going to complain about, being the first race of the season. Someone asked me (in jest) a while ago how they could check up on my race progress, so you’ve got the race number and the race results site – I’ll leave the rest up to you 😀

Race pic here!

On the start line one of the other competitors was already making plans for a trip to a local burger joint for a slap-up meal afterwards! So it’s quite appropriate I’d already planned home-made Lamb Burgers for tea tonight. As I don’t have a horse-DNA testing kit to hand there may be an equine contamination risk – who knows?

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