1000 miles and ‘all change’

I’ve been thinking about the website for some time and in particular as to who and what it represents.

All Change

The first part is easy. Obvious even. Whilst it sounds like a┬ámegalomaniac speaking, it’s about me. There are plenty of sites out there giving their opinions about, well, everything. Adding my tuppence worth seems pointless, I’m not interested in their personalised opinions on something I know nothing about so why should anyone reading this have to read mine. However, my expertise about me is pretty good.

The second question is the fundamental bit here.

The site began with me trying to understand the world around me, not least immediately following the loss of my husband in June 2012. Over time the blog posts have drifted about all over the place, covering my own inner thoughts, documenting races, reviewing the latest tech I’ve weakened and bought, and more recently announcing the creation of my own company to fluff the cats and walk the dogs of East Stockport.

Given that Fluffies Pet Sitting Service has it’s own online space (although you can find the social media outlets to it from the buttons above) I’ve decided to keep this site relatively independent of it – no need for duplication after all. So instead, this site will focus on my own world of running, cycling and tech.

After all, the most frequently searched page on here is this one, about coaxing Linux Mint onto the HP Stream 11 computer.

With that all in mind I thought it was time for a new look to the site itself, including a ‘re-brand’. So the site is now called ‘The Running Man’ and it’s not quite as dark and moody as the old theme. I hope you like it.

1000 miles


1005 miles (so far) for 2015

The Proclaimers wrote a song about walking 500 miles. But there were two of them. And 500 miles is so yesterday.

Over the course of 2015 I’ve had several different goals, with the predominant one being to get myself well after the illness that struck in April. Several of the goals have related to running achievements.

  • I smashed my marathon target time of 3h30m to come in at 3h26m
  • I smashed my 10 mile target time of 70m coming in at 67m58s
  • I smashed my total annual mileage record of 625 miles, with the total currently standing at 1016 miles as of today

Getting the 1000 miles was a nice way to round off the season, not least as it occurred during the Stockport 10 annual race, which is where I smashed my 10 mile time which stood at 71m38s from last year. This despite the weather having been monumentally wet and windy all weekend, although the gales had subsided to just a strong breeze by the Sunday. It did rain rather hard during the trip around the estate in Offerton.

On Stockport Road West during 2015 Stockport 10

On Stockport Road West during 2015 Stockport 10

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