A Delightful weekend

Another weekend passes by like an express train through a rural station!

Just typing away trying to remember what happened yesterday and drawing a blank – other than a long spell adding things to eBay…… Other than that a meal out with a friend and a late night feast of Strictly.

Woke up early today and got straight up – took some photographs, checked out one of the phone sockets which was extracted from the edge of a window whose frame is currently languishing in the skip on the drive and also concocted food for tonight.

Well it started off with good intentions – I have some pork shoulder joints in the fridge and a recipe on the internet. But unfortunately missing most of the ingredients. So the choice is to go shopping for the ingredients (the sensible approach) or to massively ad lib and make it up instead (my approach). It actually tasted really good. I can’t really link to an online recipe given that the finished product bore no resemblance to it. The dangers of being an experimental chemist!

I’ve been pretty lazy recently with the running and figured that as it was dry, cold (not freezing) and sunny that I had no excuse to not run outside. So 8 miles later and I feel like I’ve run a marathon, but at least I managed to operate my sports watch this time around. It was slow, took 59 minutes, but at least I did it; not sure if I’m coming down with something or whether it was a diet of chocolate digestives but it was rather hard work today.

This evening we finally managed to schedule in a quarter peal attempt of Norbury Delight Major – a method that was named by a visiting band at the beginning of last year when they pealed it at our tower. Of course since then we’ve been wanting to ring it ourselves but the usual problem of getting enough people together with the ability to have a go at it, and without completely mullering it in the process. To be fair, it began a bit shaky and with the first call it imploded in rapid fashion. We started again and, save for a couple of trips in the middle of it, the ringing was pretty good. It certainly got us thinking! As always, details on Campanophile, linked here.

Home, Strictly results and food. Coming soon…… Bed!

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