A new dawn

So the past week has taken in Christmas and New Year.

New Year’s Eve (NYE) sort of crept up on me, I’d not thought too much about it. A friend had suggested the night before that I should join them for a drink, and having nothing planned for NYE night, I accepted which was a good move.

The evening itself was very pleasant, save for the entertainer brought in for the evening being too loud for anyone in the pub to be able to have a conversation. Certainly once he had finished and the chimes of midnight being struck on Big Ben (broadcast on the radio from London) had finished there were a number of  conspiratorial conversations in the area about the entertainment and what people wanted to do to the guy!

NYE 2006 was the day when my life changed the previous time. I’d known Mark for nearly a month and had travelled to his place for the first time to spend NYE with him. Except on that morning he woke up with a running temperature, and being immuno-suppressed was required to go into hospital. There were no beds immediately available and we sat and chatted for most of the day waiting for the hospital to ring him. It was one of the first times we really got to know how deep our feelings were and as such we always classed NYE as our anniversary.

Yesterday was a hard day, lots of memories and feelings were flooding my mind and really overwhelmed me. I had been painting the dining room and really just set about work on that, just to keep myself sane.

So I was thankful for the support yesterday (and always).

The 2012 calendar I had published with photos of the pair of us together has now ended and sadly I’ve taken it off the wall. I’ll keep it safe though, don’t worry about that.

So here we are in 2013. Nothing has really changed – it rained a lot and I messed up on some DIY. But another anniversary and landmark has passed through. It doesn’t seem to get any easier, but I know one day it will do.

Happy New Year for 2013 folks, hope you have a good one.

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