A record breaking Sunday

Last week was a week for breaking personal records.
Firstly at the gym I decided to turn the treadmill up to 10 and tried to hang on! IN the end that barrier of 40 minutes for a 10k run fell – I achieved 38m31s which hurt like hell but I proved I could do it. Of course it’s totally different to try to do it in the wild, but then I first went sub 45 minutes in the gym, and I can do that outside now.

Come Sunday and it was time for the Tatton Half Marathon. Buoyed with an excess of optimism and finding another runner local to me wanting to break the magical 90 minutes I went for it. After 9.5 miles I realised if I continued at this pace something would probably break. So sadly I had to abort that goal (and a twinge in the leg confirmed that common sense was the best approach) but I still took over a minute off my PB to¬† complete the distance in 92m43s. Here‘s a photo of me at the end, looking in far better shape than I actually felt.

You’d think that was enough for the day, however I spent the afternoon re-learning a bellringing method and the composition. Despite my best efforts to put people off by going wrong, we managed to score it – here’s the details.

I would have expected to have slept for a good few hours that night, but clearly my body had a store of energy it had previously not told me about. Needless to say, all energy was used up by the time I got to work today, and were it not for a brisk and chilly cycle-ride I’d probably have been asleep by 0815!

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