And so it begins

A new week and all systems are go.

The builders arrived on site yesterday and started digging out the footings. Hopefully the weather will be kinder than it has been on their previous job where it rained constantly for about a month and washed away their work as they tried to continue.

The cat had a nervous breakdown when they arrived. He’s currently asleep on the windowsill next to me. He doesn’t do change and he doesn’t do people (I’m tolerated especially when holding a pouch of food) so things can only get worse!

Got the probate meeting out of the way yesterday. To say it was an anticlimax was an understatement, however it’s done and now I just need to await the paperwork before I start tackling all the companies with an interest in the estate. That’s going to be fun……..

Then to the GP with a plan to get back to work. Am I ready? I wish I could answer that, but I’m going to give it a go.

Last night was a difficult one. There was a documentary about the young English diver, Tom Daley, who appears to be a well adjusted young chap in all his dealings. I knew a little about him before this, but wasn’t aware that he’d recently lost his father, Rob Daley, to cancerous brain tumours, only a little older than I am now. It made for difficult viewing watching Rob deteriorate to the point of being bed-ridden and ultimately his untimely passing. Very sad indeed and rather too close to home at this time in my life. If I was teetering by this point, the sight of hearses finished me off. The emotion and pain is still very raw for me.

I’ll be rooting for Tom in the Olympics just that little bit more knowing about this.

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