A surprise letter

Last night didn’t go as planned. Despite the early night sleep wasn’t to come quickly or easily and was very disturbed with dreams. Nothing *bad* per se, but Mark featured heavily in them. The dream seemed to be that he hadn’t passed away and it had all been a big misunderstanding. Yet within the dream I knew this wasn’t the case. And so it went on. Net result, little sleep, head ache to start the day.

Knowing tomorrow would be spent waiting in for the electrician to arrive to fettle the oven I tried to get all the general stuff done today – mainly so I didn’t run out of food.

I arrived home at the same time the postman was on his rounds and I had one letter which was a total surprise. You see Cambridge Police did rather a lot regarding the arrangements around Mark’s funeral and I felt that they deserved some thanks for this and as such wrote them a letter a couple of weeks ago. I got a reply from their Chief today which I really didn’t expect.

The evening was started by a chip supper, a chat to a friend online, followed by a couple of colleagues arriving to make sure I was OK and then a phonecall from another friend. So a very sociable evening all in all.

Hopefully tonight will be a better sleeping night.

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