Bolognese sandwiches

Not updated the diary in a few days. Haven’t really been in the mood if I’m honest.

Still not sleeping well and still getting flashbacks which isn’t really helping things. They seem to be triggered by doing work on resolving Mark’s affairs, but I figure if I leave it all be, it’ll still be there to be done in the future. So pain now, and hopefully then I can get on with my life again.

So where are things up to? Well the ‘great thaw’ is underway, the next task being sorting out the mortgage, tomorrow’s task. What a way to spend a (hopefully) sunny Friday. Anyway, on top of the utilities (I think – I’ve told them, and paid money to them) and I think that then leaves sorting out the rental stuff – legal things, update the insurance etc. Oh yes, land registry too. Mustn’t forget them (yes they want money too!).

Am thinking of writing a manual about doing all this stuff. There’s probably one out there, but nothing I found particularly helpful.

Builders have been busy again and after 3 weeks we’re actually above ground, just. But there’s plenty of foundations there – just hope the rest of the house doesn’t go walkabout else there will be problems! Cat is hating every second of it – he doesn’t do change at all it would appear.

Not been running all week. Did a 10k on Monday and had great intentions, but that’s all they were. Been to see the osteopath though to get some relief from my neck. Hopefully the headaches will reduce which will make running much more viable as that has triggered a lot of discomfort.

Work has been fairly uneventful. I turn up. I try to do stuff. Everyone else goes about their business. My hours end and I go home. Not that I’m capable of doing much more than that at the moment. Sure I can focus on single tasks, but beyond that is beyond me at the moment. Upping my hours next week so we’ll see how that goes.

So that’s things mostly up to date. Done some work in the garden. Not done any studying. Think that’s something on the verge of abandonment, at least for the moment. Just don’t have the concentration.

2 month anniversary is on Saturday. Everyone is away so I’ll do something with family to keep myself occupied.

As for the title (yes, nearly forgot) – a failed culinary experiment involving bread-based pouches with a mince filling. You get the picture…….

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