Christmas Day #REDBED Day 25

Gosh, so #REDBED Day 25 (today!) is Christmas Day. So first of all seasons greetings to you all. I hope that it is a good day for you, or at least bearable.

Today’s blog is going to be a short one for obvious reasons. The only reason there’s a blog at all today is because someone(?!) maybe didn’t think that bit of the challenge through in the planning stage….

Christmas Day is a very busy affair here. Normally it’s a matter of fitting in work before visiting family. So now fit in a run and a blog and it all needs some planning.

As it happened, I woke at about 7.30am courtesy of my alarm and went straight out into a 5k run. It wasn’t imaginative (the reverse loop of the one I did in the middle of the night at the start of the challenge). But it fitted the bill and by 8.30am I was heading out to work. It was actually a nice time to be running with very little traffic, pedestrians or other runners.

Here’s the route:

Vaguely familiar

Vaguely familiar

After work I headed over to see family and enjoyed a traditional Christmas dinner in lovely company. The best sort of Christmas in my books.

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