Dodging the Boxing Day dog walkers #REDBED Day 26

After the peace and quiet of an early morning run on Christmas Day, Boxing Day mid-morning was the polar opposite.

The shape of Boxing Day

My Boxing Day is very similar in structure to Christmas Day albeit with a small number of exceptions. Firstly, no presents (that was yesterday) and secondly, I play host to the family rather than the other way around. As this means there isn’t any traveling to do (aside from work) it does give me a little more time to fit things in. But not much as there’s the food and house to prepare. Plus a run and a blog to slot in!

Ready, Set, Boxing Day!

I did my work rounds first today, meaning I got a small lie-in (8am) compared to yesterday. I had an hour before I became a host, so it was straight out again for a run. With a lack of available time it was a short local run which I’ve done at least once during the #REDBED Challenge. A shame in a sense as the weather was nicer than yesterday, but leaving guests on the doorstep is not the done thing!

The problem it would seem is that everyone else had the same idea. Yesterday whilst I ran, the neighbourhood unwrapped presents. Today, with all presents opened and, I presume, all food consumed (!) there was a need to walk it all off.

It was akin to an obstacle course. I could get around most people as there was room off the paths to pass. But errant dogs seemed to be a constant trip hazard with their owners oblivious to any kind of obedience training. One dog followed me halfway around the park! The owners seemingly had zero recall skills with the dog. Until I stopped and shouted a very clear instruction at the dog which it seemingly understood! It then ran back towards it’s owners! At least it got a work-out anyway!

The Run?

Rant over!! I’ll put my soap-box back into the cupboard under the stairs! Here’s the route!!

Park run. Not parkrun!

Park run. Not parkrun!

Tomorrow should be a straightforward day. Thursday looks like I’ll need a shoe-horn…..!

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