Off-road Night Run #REDBED Day 27

It may have become apparent over the last couple of days that I haven’t been too excited about the runs. Work and family commitments left me with a limited window within to run meaning they were all local. Tonight however, we did a group night run and I’ve been looking forward to it all week!

Night Run

Despite having been involved in the marshaling of night running events over the last 3 years, I’ve never actually done one. Sure I’ve gone out at dawn or dusk, but in each case, my head torch hasn’t really been needed. Either it’s not been too dark, or there’s been plenty of artificial light to help me.

The Saturday group who I run with regularly do a hill run on a Sunday morning. I’m unable to join them due to other commitments; I look after the bell ringing at my local church. Unsurprisingly Sunday morning is a time when I’m needed!

It was suggested that we’d do the Sunday morning route as a night run during Christmas week. This suited me completely. Work has sabotaged all the other running opportunities via group runs and races. So I grab what I can. I’d hoped to do a race on NYE, but I’m over-run with work. Great for the business, but a tad disappointing for the runner!

Here’s our route:

Hilly off-road night run

Hilly off-road night run

As you can see from the route, although there were short sections on road, most of it was on tracks and footpaths. Some of which were icy. Some of which were very soggy. Needless to say, the trail shoes are currently a grey-brown colour and emitting a dubious ‘countryside’ odour!

The great thing about a run like this is that it is so different and so varied. Some runs are about speed. Others are much more about the experience. And hopefully one day I’ll get to experience the route in daylight so that I can see where we’ve actually run!!!

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