Day off?

Well today was supposed to be a day off, however I spent a couple of hours in work. Not quite what I had in mind but it helped people out and served a purpose for me too. Anyway, the weather was rubbish so it was never going to be a barmy do lots of things around the place day.

Got home and flicked through a Wickes catalogue of bathroom furniture. Lots of pictures of toilets and wash basins.  Does anyone really get interested in this sort of stuff? Definite bedtime reading. Still I think between us we’ve picked a pair out we think we’ll like. Doesn’t come with a tap mind. Seems you buy those separately and they probably cost more than the rest of the bathroom if you get them from Wickes. Taps may come from eBay….. Then just need a shower. Gosh the excitement of a build. Yawn!

Realised I spend far too much time eating which is probably why the pre-marathon figure is slipping away faster than you can say ‘hobnob’. So the last 2 days I’ve tried to be very good and not eat between meals.

Result? Hungry and fed up!!!

Will hit the gym again tomorrow and keep going at getting the fitness back into some sort of order. I enjoyed being as fit as I was pre-marathon however the amount of training required was something verging on obsessive which I can live without.

Local ringing practice tonight, not one of our better attempts. Sometimes these things ‘just work’ other times they don’t. Tonight was in the latter category!

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