Rage against…….

A nothing day today. To be honest, not the greatest one really. Not relaxed but instead slightly on edge all day.

Angry with the world but for no specific reason.

My normal tactic with this is exercise. Appreciated they’ve just completed a study that concluded that exercise isn’t a cure for depression, however I find it channels the inner angst/rage, whatever you want to call it. Anyway, shopping done and a good blast at the gym and at least for the short term, the world is a bearable place!

Had an argument with 3 mobile’s India call-centre. It seems at least when it comes to financial things they seem to be more geared up for those types of questions. Thankfully.

Get home and set about ordering the new bathroom – it’ll probably arrive whilst I’m at work but there’s not a lot I can do about that. Not quite like the advert where the person ordering the goods is the middle of building the house when the vital bits arrive, along with the reassuring voice-order confirming that everything is OK.

In amongst all of this, the bread manufacture was underway. Unfortunately I forgot about it during the second prove so I have two flat-breads rather than normal shaped loafs. Guess they could go together as a sandwich, but where would that leave the diet……….

Casserole for dinner and a bit of culture courtesy of BBC4 about the life of Russian ‘cellist Mstislav Rostropovich. Superb musicianship and interesting life story. Slightly annoying platitidues and anecdotes pulled together for the programme. Might just be me though.

Early night tonight.

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