Find Bike. Find big hill. Now where did I leave common sense?

Despite the run tomorrow, it was a decent sunny day today and having a big cycle challenge in little more than a month’s time (and never having ridden further than about 7 miles) I thought it was a great opportunity to go out and see if I could work out what gears do – yes, my last bike had 3 gears, but only the middle one worked.

It all started well. I thought I’d get to New Mills and then over to Strines. Keep it simple. But I kept going to Whaley Bridge and saw the signs to Macclesfield. I should have thought about this before turning right……

You see, when I was marathon training in 2012 I ran through Macc and over the hills into Disley. It was a long way. And had several big hills…….

Having struggled up a hill that seemed to go on for far too long I passed a turning to Higher Disley and realised I was now cycling the reverse of the route I ran last year.

24.5 miles later and I’m pleased to still be in one piece, but is this really good prep for the run tomorrow. No, I don’t think so either.

So bike back in the cupboard. We’ve started that training now. But perhaps I’ll apply common sense when I next pick a route!

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