It begins. Again……

Well I always knew that phase 1 of the house build was just that, and what comes after is phase 2.

Wednesday was that new beginning, when the plasterwork in the bedroom, held on purely by hope and good fortune, was encouraged into a skip. Yes the house has returned to chaos but everything is on course as I anticipated. A little delayed, but on course all the same.

Having sat down with kitchen plans, I’ve had to sit back on that realising that the bedroom itself needs planning – storage no longer comes from flat-pack MFI – I can’t stand the enclosed world that is IKEA – surely that’s what the internet is for?! So another diagram of shelves and cupboards is on the cards, this time to house the remainder of the collection which currently occupies the study floor and the entire spare bed.

So this weekend has the last of the early season of half-marathons – number 7 (Buxton). It’s going to be a challenge in its own right, but I always said that this was important to me. I didn’t want to do a challenge which I’d look back on and think “that was too easy”. Unlike Chester I’m expecting Buxton to be a low-key affair with a tiny field of very good runners. I’m just hoping to keep up with some of them!

Then it’s the weird summer gap. It’s sort-of been planned this way as my OAS/Hayfever is worst during late May- mid July so I didn’t want to be pushing my body whilst the immune system is throwing teddies in many directions simultaneously. The reality is however that the number of available races diminishes over this period. People are on holiday so to fill the races is much more difficult.

There’s a couple of 10k races so I might dabble with them, see if I can run a bit quicker over a shorter distance without keeling over. We’ll see!

And the bike ride paperwork has all come. I’m still chasing up several members of the team for the entry fee but we’re getting close to the point where I’m going to have to start practising – only about 7 weeks to go before that part of the challenge!

I’ve added up some of the work sponsorship form figures and added them to the Justgiving site and combined with a few more online donations we’re over £600 raised/pledged now, so that’s looking promising.

So if you’d like to donate, please follow the link above or the one to the right side of the page.

I’ll update again on Sunday once I’ve run in, out and around about Buxton!

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