Generally OK.

The late summer bank holiday really could have represented any time of the year with the exception of summer. Heavy downpours and even people complaining it was cold this evening. But maybe that was just them.

It’s been quite useful having the 3 days off. The back end of last week demonstrated to me that although I’ve done pretty OK despite the still recent trauma, I’m a long way from being OK.

Yesterday got out to see a couple of friends in Timperley, and that was a great change of scenery and conversation. Got back about tea time and to be honest can’t remember what happened after that. And this is without the help of any substances whatsoever!

Today was busy. Gym this morning, a trip into the shopping world of Stockport (not to be recommended) to get a few things for next weekend whilst I remember and then an afternoon of extracting stuff from years ago on tape and discovering that it had all stretched and sounded a bit sorry for itself. Then discovered the function in audacity  to change the speed so at least it wasn’t quite so sad.

An evening trip to Marple to ring with the competition band for a couple of weeks hence. It was supposed to be a full-band rehearsal but someone forgot to tell one member; hence I was drafted in at the last minute. Sounded quite good – hopefully they’ll pull it off on the 8th September.

Ate late, chatted to Bro and typing this up before I forget to update things. It’s a useful line in the sand for me – see how things are going, especially after last week’s blip. Don’t like to leave it too long.

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