Kitchen demolishion and the great outdoors

It’s suddenly September. I don’t remember asking anyone to fast-forward the summer, but it seems they did it anyway.

The kitchen is being emptied ahead of the re-ft next week. I’m a little concerned as to how much stuff is squirrelled away in it already, and my plan is to expand the storage. Things are being recycled, binned, given away, buried in the garden etc but it’s quite daunting.

I guess this last bit isn’t a huge surprise – the kitchen was Mark’s preserve. I often joked with him that it was an area of the house I was banned from. So to dig at the back of the cupboards and find things undisturbed for a couple of years is emotionally quite challenging.

Last night I should have been at my friends’ wedding. But due to the recent move around with my job I ended up at work instead. At least I managed to pop by and drop off the card and present and see the brides. Really pleased that this was possible as it would have been sad to completely miss it. And caught up briefly with a few people I trained with too which was great. The annual reunion seems to come down to me to arrange, but with all that’s been going on, I never got around to sorting that and in fact I’m away the week we’d usually do it. But it’s got me thinking that it’s something to be done.

A couple of months ago I got excited (and not so thrilled) about some new music in my collection. In fact the Pet Shop Boys album Elysium has actually grown on me having listened to it in the car and perhaps it’s not quite so forgettable as I had first felt. Their follow-up Electric is now out, and it’s full of the early synth sounds that I like. I’ve listened to it online and am eagerly waiting for the CD to drop through the post in the next few days.

Simple pleasures, but there’s nothing wrong with that.

We’re less than 1 month away to the 9th Challenge race and the training is slow but steady. I’ve not run any distance of late, limiting myself to only 10k distance on the treadmill as I try to work on my speed. I’ve gone sub-40 minutes twice now so that’s pleasing although admittedly not in the outdoors.

And speaking of outdoors, I’ve been climbing trees again…..


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