life in chunks

Just listening to some R.E.M. on the computer and it reminded me of life over 10 years ago. Not long out of Uni, starting in the working world and frequent get together with old college friends.

Music is quite powerful like that. A song takes you back to a particular moment – sometimes good e.g. a song that you played in a band and had a great time, sometimes less good e.g. a song playing on the CD player during a hot summer in 1993 revising frantically for prelims.

Music has always played a part of my life although it’s been very minor really since I started working. I guess with a full time job on top of studying, I never really had the time, which is a shame. But listening to some of these songs around from then, it does transport me back there. I’m not sure they were better or worse times, just different ones.

Perhaps it’s a thing about age, you look back on these periods, and they seem quite distinct, almost as if they belong to another person. Am I the same person to graduate from a top university in arguably one of the hardest subjects (I’d say that latter bit was very subjective!) and if not, what happened to that person?

Seems a long time ago now. Well it’s 16 years since I left!

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