man + saw = garden – laburnum

A day of domestic duties and sharp saws.

My life of the mundane started with the washing and some tidying up and then diverted into photographing and recording the positions of various electrical features in the building site, just in case I need this information at some point when they’re hidden behind plasterboard and more.

I then discovered a hand-saw in the shed and went looking for things to cut. The last time I felled a tree, I used a hacksaw. Which in the scheme of things is a totally rubbish idea. The chainsaw would have been quicker but it’s with my parents’ at the moment. However last time I used that I probably broke every single H&S rule on the planet so I’m best keeping at a distance.

Needless to say, I am one laburnum less than I was at the start of the day. Bar the roots, I’ve got to get rid of them. Also gave the buddleia tree a haircut too, so it’s ‘me with sharp implements 1 – garden 0.

Hoping the weather isn’t too bad tomorrow – first race since April’s marathon. And I’m not remotely in shape. So this could end badly. And probably cold and wet too……

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