Of bored cats, porch doors and swirling clouds.

Well the build is finally approaching completion – not quite 6 months since it all started although it really does feel it.

And it’s sad in a way because for most of the time since losing Mark, the builders have been doing their stuff and it’s odd that shortly it’ll just be me and the cat in the place.


He pulled this quite amusing pose this morning during one of the many naps which take up most of the day – almost bored. Although things got confusing for him when he went to run out of the front door only to discover another door there. Darn you, porch door!

I read an article on the news about an IT worker who had managed to outsource his workload to China for 20% of his earnings and we’re told by the article that instead of working he watched cat videos on Youtube! Not really sure why there were bothered about reporting this latter bit which strikes me as less important than the various breaches of security etc. But I guess if he’s still looking for cats and his youtube account is suspended, here’s another one for him to search out!

So the bed was dismantled and re-assembled in the new bedroom and likewise the dining table moved to its new home (no prizes for guessing that one).  The whole thing is coming together.

It left me a little sad though. All of this was to enable Mark to move in comfortably and to enjoy the rest of his time in comfort living the couplesy life that we so desperately wanted. Unfortunately, it wasn’t to be. I went out into town to get something to eat, I figured just staying at home would only bring me down further, and that at least helped me a bit.

Another photo of the day – one of the builders noticed the swirling cloud formation at the bottom of this shot, but it came out rather nicely:


The snow is apparently coming. If the forecasters can be believed………………

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