Races booked, but where are the door-knobs?

Been a bit of a gap since my last post. I’m still here, just running (metaphorically) around in ever decreasing circles. So what’s been going on.

This last week is the heaviest of my weeks – my hours are different from week to week but every few weeks the hours gang up and hog the limelight. With the result that by Saturday I’m cross-eyed and pretty unresponsive. Actually not that pretty either.

Last Wednesday I finally felt I’d cleared the bugs that plagued me through January and so did my first run of 2013 – admittedly it was only just over the 10k, and admittedly I felt every metre of it, but it was a start. Thursday I hit the gym, a 17k cycle and a 5k run on the dreadmill and today back out in the outdoors to do an 8 miler. It’s all very slow – I can’t remember the last time 8 miles took me more than an hour but it was a tougher route than I’d planned so I’m not worried. Not at all in fact, just good to be back out there getting some miles back into my legs.

Once I get a moment from work I’ll set up the fund-raising page. I had to get a handle on booking some races as I managed to fail to get an entry in for the Preston race in January (to be fair I wasn’t well enough or fit enough) but more annoying I’ve missed Liversedge which is next weekend. 

So as it stands my first race is 3 weeks tomorrow and the first of seven half-marathons booked so far for 2013. I have a few others ear-marked for the remaining six races to make up the core of the challenge and some where the dates have yet to be confirmed or that it’s not possible to book on them at this time.

The excitement of doing it, and doing it for a good reason (to raise money for MyelomaUK) is kicking in now and I’ve certainly benefited from a healthy dose of endorphins.

And I may have committed myself to taking part in the Manchester to Blackpool bike ride. It’s s 60-odd miles so if I take an average guess at 65 miles (at least it will be by the time I’ve gone wrong, got lost, fallen off etc), it forms a multiple of 13 which means I can include it in the challenge.

Other than the fact I’ve got my butt off the sofa and started the training, the house project (phase 1) is 2 door-knobs from completion. I still need to do a bit more painting and to tidy up some of the walls which have got marked whilst the carpets were laid but it’s looking pretty good.

I shifted a load of Mark’s belongings out of the front bedroom to expose a bed, previously entirely hidden from view, so hopefully I’ll have that room up and running again soon. Then there’s the big job of doing some more sorting out of his belongings.

That’s harder than any race could ever be.

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