Of doors and ice cream

Been a very hectic week so far. Saturday through to Tuesday I worked my full-time hours for the first time since losing Mark. I didn’t need to, I’m still only supposed to be doing 7 hour days, but it’s just how it worked out.

Needless to say I was shattered on Tuesday night, and settled down to a well earned chip supper and the ‘Great British Bakeoff’ final.

Simple pleasures.

Yesterday was a do nothing day, a total ‘body says no!’ event and spent time cooking, shopping and watching a bit of TV again. Grand Designs last night was stunning, equally in the design/accomplishment as in the complete lack of practicality of living in a £2m+ ex-water tower.

On lesser grand designs, I nearly have a roof and I do have a back door. Lucky me.

Nigella’s simple coffee ice cream recipe is definitely worth a go. Although I doubled the amounts due to the condensed milk can size being twice what I needed. You can almost sense the devastation of ending up with twice as much ice cream than intended. Almost.

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