Of mice, moggies and men

Well, my last work assignment came to an end on Friday. I have a week off before returning to the terra firma of my normal job. In the meantime, it’s time for a break.

For what seems like an age (it probably is) I’ve had a day out. And unlike Manchester, it was sunny in North Wales today for our little bell ringing outing in the St Asaph Diocese and an area I have never really visited before, just passed through.

Spring ringing trip to North Wales

Spring ringing trip to North Wales

As I had my camera to hand, the towers were given the DSLR treatment rather than the back-of-mobile camera. I’d like to think they’ve benefited, although whether you can tell from the graphic above I’m not sure.

Either way, three towers visited and three quarter-peals scored, although two of them required restarts to get them to happen.

I got home and having collected the bits of food shopping I forgot yesterday, decided to spoil my training with a chip supper – heck, I’ve got a 15 mile route for tomorrow, I might as well go for it!

On my return and whilst putting the food away, Squeak arrived in the hallway with a mouse. Which was very much alive and not for hanging around and was running circles around the cat. I tried to grab it but it seemed to have developed a pogo-ing manoeuvre which I wasn’t expecting and then it vanished under the door of the under-stairs cupboard.

Squeak had decided by this point that live food was no longer interesting and that he’d prefer a pouch of food instead. Bearing in mind my dinner was going cold on the side AND that I had a mouse running around underneath my shower tray, I was not best pleased, and removed him from the house whilst I cleared the cupboard of anything a mouse might like to eat or nest in.

Whether the rodent will make a reappearance we wait and see. One thing’s for sure, I can’t rely on the cat to banish it!

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  1. I get up this morning to find an ex-mouse on the doormat. On the grounds I only saw one be brought into the house, I’m hoping that this isn’t a stunt double. Just a shame I was unable to rescue it when it was still in pogo mode.

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