Off to the Chester Races, and is there a record for speed-eating Haribo?

I must say getting going today was quite difficult which, for a race day, is quite unusual.

3 attempts to leave the house – cats and wallets getting the better of me before Waze decided to take me on a weird route covering many sights in Stockport I didn’t really want to see.

Getting to Chester wasn’t a problem (once I started to ignore Waze and just read the roadsigns) but it appeared that most people had decided they wanted to park at the racecourse. The instructions really should have said “DON’T DO IT” as there was one way in and out resulting in Stockport-like traffic jams, but at 7,30am on a Sunday – which even Stockport has yet to manage that new low!


I aborted that idea and ditched the car in a paying multi-storey car park and then looked for people to follow as I had no idea where I was. It’s perhaps fortunate I’m not a potential race winner or leader as I rely on this same approach of following people when racing too. Who knows where we’d end up if they all followed me!

It took ages to get into the zone today. Whether it was due to being unwell last week or all the rubbish that’s in my head at the moment I don’t know. But I managed to find my stride and actually stuck to it, save for the slight incline at the end of the race which nobody told us about!

Unlike the last race this was all chip timed and gave me more split times than I would know what to do with! But the overall time of 1h35m51s was good in the circumstances, and only 2s slower than Anglesey, my 2013 fastest time to date.

The journey back saw me spill my drink over the car and eat an entire bag of Haribo between Bredbury and Hazel Grove – does that make me a bad person?

Buxton in a fortnight. That has a few hills. Well they can’t all be flat sprints in a challenge, can they?!!!

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