Potatoes, anyone?

Sometimes the contents of the TV channels leave a lot to be desired. In fact at one stage in my youth I became convinced that hte major breweries might sponsor Saturday night TV to be so appaling it would make everyone want to go out and get drunk.

Not your most usual conspiracy theory I’ll admit.

Tonight’s programmes seemed to be looking in the same vein. Any number of police-relate programmes, antiques, dressing up babies like divas. It really took a new low.

BBC 3 were busily broadcasting the Eurovision semi-finals. I’m not a great fan of Eurovision, however it would appear neither is the BBC given the dismal quality of the programme, with matey presenters trying to be light hearted and humerous, but falling well short of the mark, hitting only cringe-worthy. The whole thing seemed to take a stranger turn by announcing that Australia would be part of the competition this year.

Does anyone have a map of the world they could send to the organisers, just to clarify what constitutes Europe this year. I know we’ve gained a number of new members recently and that Eurovision has traditionally included countries outside of Europe, but surely it’s gone out of control now?

Perhaps they could rebrand it the world-cup-song-contest, and hold it with the football in Qatar in between matches and invite the remaining countries to submit a song.

Having flicked through the available options I ended up with BBC Alba, which on my TV system is next to BBC2.

And by default I’ve just sat through a programme about potatoes.

I’m no stranger to BBC Alba which is of interest to me for the music content; often in the early evening there is an acoustic folk/roots concert broadcast which is usually very good.

But now I am, it would appear, an expert in potatoes. At least I would be if I understood Gaelic, which is the language the channel is broadcast in!

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