Running in the dark

Canceled my holiday this week. Well I didn’t have any plans to go very far and to be honest the driving last week was draining. I guess with literally not having been anywhere for the best part of a couple of months and only driven twice for work recently, it was always going to be tiring.

So Saturday we had the  Chester Guild AGM and competition at my local tower. I avoided any ringing but did serve a rather large number of cups of tea. It was tiring in itself, but thankfully  we weren’t trapped in the AGM itself!

Sunday I tried a run, but it didn’t really happen. Overall I managed the half-marathon distance (GPS was only on for the first 12.8 miles but as I don’t have a shower at the moment I had to walk to work and back for that which gave the rest of the distance) – had a lot of fun walking along the canal towpaths. Despite living here for over 10 years it’s something I’ve never done. ANd whilst the intention was to be running, well as I said, that wasn’t happening. Afterwards just flaked out in the garden with the cat on my lap.

Watched the closing ceremony of the Paralympics which was a visual feast and fortunate that I like Coldplay as they were providing the majority of the music!

Today has been a slow day. Ran at the gym before tai chi which was a good start to the day, but it’s been pretty lacklustre since then. Went onto my online profiles for the first time in a while and felt out of place. My time on them was almost all spent as a couple, so it’s uncharted territory now. And most people knew me through Mark – he was the outgoing one of us – so I really don’t know what to make of it now. Heart definitely says ‘delete it’ but head recognises there are people out there who do ask after me, and that must be a good thing. So for the time being I’ll leave things as they are.

Tomorrow is 3 months to the date. I was trying to find a phone number that had called me regarding dealing with some of Mark’s affairs a few months back and so was fishing through the call log. Having failed to contact the people I needed to get hold of, inadvertently contacting a few that I didn’t intend to speak to, I did, briefly, get back to 11 June and saw the list of calls from that evening. Thankfully I had the sense to shut the phone off and not dwell on that.

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