Enter. Loft.

It’s one of those weekends which feels quite busy but actually very little has been done. This of course is not a bad thing.

Back into last week, well I’d hoped to go and see my friend Sean in his band Artmagic in Manchester on Thursday, and was fully ready to go when I realised they weren’t actually performing until 10pm. Were it not a school night, this wouldn’t have been a problem, but with a 6am start on Friday…. Well, let’s just say I was actually tucked up in bed by 10pm!

Friday, not a lot to report. Work was OK (glad I didn’t have a late night) and I even ventured onto the internet to catch up with a few friends who I’ve not really been keeping up with over the past few weeks.

Saturday, builders were back again, taking advantage of the decent weather to get a few more courses of bricks in. Definitely looking like it means business now. Caught up on the phone with a couple of friends I’d not spoken to in a long time, and that was a good thing. Also got out an did a 11.5 mile run – not quite the distance I’d wanted but the pace was OK this week and it looks like I have a reasonable chance at the half-marathon in a fortnight’s time. Must say I’m looking forward to it.

This morning started with ringing for Sunday service and somewhere along the way I agreed to call a quarter peal of London Minor this evening. That’ll be happening in about half an hour so will update on that later.

The marathon job for today was the investigation of the contents of the loft. Scarred by the  workload at Waveney Road this wasn’t a job I was looking forward to, but thankfully I’ve kept things under control up there. So a couple of hours later, bins bulging in the front garden, and the remaining contents of the loft now in the box room.

Must say I’m looking forward to it all being clean up there, no cement lumps from the  back filling. And my neighbour Dave was extolling the virtues of increased warmth from his recently felted roof which is good news from my energy saving wishes. Yet another glimpse of my Rock and Roll lifestyle, not sure I ever, as a child, imagined I would be having serious conversations with people about roof insulation….

And all with my new Kaiser Chiefs CD in the player which is a bit different to my usual fayre but enjoyable all the same.

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