So much food…..

I seemed to spend most of the day intending to eat but not doing so. This does seem to be a recurring issue and one that needs resolving. Not least as it stops me doing to the gym without risk of falling over and looking more daft than normal.

Following a number of ebay sales – trying to clear some of the backlog of Mark’s collection so there’s enough room to be able to move – I spent a good while wrapping up and preparing to send said items. I think I’ll be the unpopular guy delaying everyone in the post office queue tomorrow…..

Some baking too, pretty well the first proper effort since losing Mark, save for a batch of muffins for when a friend visited to see me last weekend.

The day was going well until I made the mistake of trying to sort out the front bedroom (previously pictured in the blog). I started but it all became a bit too much for me. Let alone that I can’t create space that isn’t there.

Eventually ate something out of the freezer. Didn’t get to the gym.

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