The prize for a hard race – a PINK T-shirt?????

Wilmslow was a lot harder than it should have been today.

The course is pretty flat all in all – it’s classed as a PB course, at least when the conditions are right.


Today was bitterly cold, not helped by the strong and icy easterly wind which was a headwind during the final third of the race. This didn’t help! Coupled with the fact I got my pace wrong in the first half of the race it probably shouldn’t have been too surprising when I ran out of legs around the 11 mile area. Annoying but I managed to come home in 1h40m18s which isn’t too disastrous – just a little disappointing.

The race t-shirt was salmon pink. I’m not sure who thought that was a good idea………!

Dave and Paul came up for the race – Paul’s a keen runner and took part in the race too – he was kicking himself when he realised he’d missed a PB by 5 seconds but that’s a pretty good result in the conditions of the race.

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