Running for Easter and Bach again.

It’s the Easter weekend and as luck will have it, my weekend off has coincided with the bank holidays which gives me a 4 day weekend.

Yesterday was a domestic day. I started off with the obligatory bread baking and the subsequent loaf was definitely one of my best. I’m clearly improving 🙂


I decided to act on my desire to make a cheesecake. I’ve not done this since university but it seemed to come out OK although I ended up eating way too much and had cheesecake-induced insomnia as a result…..!

The evening  actually turned out to be quite good on the TV which is a novelty as usually when I’m looking for something to watch I can’t find anything. Plenty of comedy on, Mark would have really enjoyed it.

And speaking of Mark, I started trying to sort out the chaos in the house. I straightened up all the furniture in the conservatory and got some pictures onto the wall. Whilst a friend was over earlier in the week we moved my filing cupboard into the study so that was now out of the way and it has paved the way to starting the epic operation of the back bedroom.

Today was organised by military precision, at least by my standards it was. Straight out to the Cancer UK shop in town before the traffic built up too much and then to the shops to get a few things (which ended up far more than I went out intending to buy).

Having gorged on croissants (I’m porridged out at the moment) I continued with Operation Clutter-kill. Another pile of things to be distributed between Cancer UK (the useful stuff) and the bin (the rest). I then set about some of the paperwork before going out for a run. I wasn’t particularly thrilled with my race strategy last weekend so went out for a training run today and did 13.4 miles. The pace wasn’t dissimilar to last weekend but the strategy was a lot better and I didn’t need to walk any part of it. With the next race in 8 days  I wanted to make sure I got some miles back into my legs. I forgot last weekend to provide the usual race number and medal picture so here it is:


Having eaten a frugal tea of chicken omelette I enjoyed a programme about the life and music of JS Bach, who is one of my favourite composers, after Beethoven and drank a lot of tea. Me, not Beethoven.

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