What is it about the long-short week phenomena?

Well it’s been a long week but it finished with a curry and we’re now at the weekend. 🙂

It’s been hectic – I think this is always the way when you have a bank holiday – the week is shortened by that day but somehow needs to absorb the contents of the missing bit into the rest. Coupled with a visitor on Tuesday night (which was great), a pensions meeting on Wednesday night (which was nearly as exciting as watching paint dry), and the ringing practice yesterday which started early so I could mend the stay on the tenor bell, well basically I haven’t stopped.

Tomorrow will be domesticated. In between everything else I’ve been gradually tidying the house and for the first time since June last year the conservatory is clear of junk – well except for a rowing machine. The major pile of bits and pieces in the front bedroom has been vastly reduced and the study and bookcase have been reunited for the first time since 2005.

So it’s progress. I’ve found it hard work emotionally as one might expect but I’m taking the opportunity to get rid of some of the stuff I’ve hoarded. There’s something therapeutic about de-cluttering. Once I’ve got things down enough I’ll be able to start planning the redecoration of the back bedroom which will let me get the desperately needed storage to house the collection.

Maybe then I’ll be able to feel like I’ve started to move on.

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