Training, Training & Cycling

It’s been a busy week so far.

I’m rolling out a load of training at work and that’s been my primary focus – I almost feel like I know it now which is good. First day today without taking my notes out of the bag. So that’s pretty neat – another month and then it all goes live and we discover if anyone was listening!

Doing the training is supposed to be full time, but the reality is it doesn’t take up my whole working life. Maybe I’m just too organised (unlikely) but I’ve been trying to get all the social media streams up and running, which to be honest feels like I’m swimming in treacle in terms of the impact it seems to be making. I look to see what others are doing and it appears no different to me. Still, we’ll plug on and hopefully we’ll get to a sufficient ‘mass’ where it suddenly works in the same way as everyone else. That’s a brief attempt at optimism!

In between all of this, my day job seems to continue as normal, whether or not I’m there – nobody seems to take that into account. Perhaps they haven’t noticed I’ve gone. Or maybe as long as things get done, they haven’t noticed I’m not there in body, even if I’m there in workload 😀 Either way I seem to have generated a project in itself for tomorrow. So that should keep me busy, not least because nobody seems to want to be trained tomorrow.

Even made it to the local Pensions Management Institute seminar last night, thanks to using the car to get around everywhere yesterday rather than the bike and managing to get the local train service in and out of Manchester City Centre – I hate driving in the City itself. Much as I’m enjoying the exercise sometimes the lower speed just doesn’t help when you’ve got too much crammed in!

Home this evening to find the holes in the side of my house now somewhat more sculptured into doorway shapes rather than something out of the Flintstones. I have confidence that it’ll look like a home eventually.

Opened the netbook where I keep a picture of Mark, the one taken by his step-mum on the day I last saw him alive. I’ve not cried for a little while but it happened this time. What with the wedding anniversary, his birthday and his burial all coming up in a couple of weeks, this is going to be one tough month.

No quarter peal to learn for this weekend, although I’m in a full peal on Saturday – something that doesn’t happen very often (for me) but with it being Remembrance weekend it’s something I’m pleased to be involved in.

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