Trains, tax and don’t believe the statistics.

It’s been one of those weeks that fit the runaway train metaphor.

Monday started with me thinking that it would be really useful to get some paperwork boxed off. This was finally done on Friday after I refused to leave the office without it being done. The principle being that if I’m not let loose in the world, there’s half a chance the world will let me get on without it.

Wednesday was a day that looked promisingly sunny until I realised I was going to have to spend most of it in a windowless room. At least the lights were switched on. I ended up taking the train (non-runaway) to get into Manchester for a meeting whose moral appeared to be that they could create any amount of meaningless statistics to prove anything you wanted them to. I think they were hoping to charge people for this pearl of wisdom.

I went looking for another (non-runaway) train and my dinner. For clarity, no rolling stock was consumed.

I walked up to the ringing practice on Thursday evening as the sun had reappeared. I even took some new photographs of the church as I need to update the website as I’ve not touched it for far too long.

2013-05-02 19.57.50 2013-05-02 19.56.31 2013-05-02 19.59.44

No running this weekend due to being full of cold, which is never a good partner to strenuous exercise. Speaking of the fundraising, the bike ride packs arrived this week – this is pleasing because it’s the part of the challenge I had left up in the air and there was always the risk I’d not get around to entering. Still, there’s a good group from work all prepared to cycle with me, for several charities, so it should be a great part of the challenge, even when it renders me unable to walk afterwards!

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