Man + powertools = a man fulfilled

I’ve had an old broken wardrobe in the house for about 6 years although it finally made it’s way near the front door about 3 weeks ago when I needed the space it was occupying.

Today was a day for powertools. And thankfully at the end of the day I still have the same number of fingers and toes that I started the day with!

In house v2.0 (the renovated state I purchased it in),  the pantry had been dismantled and the boiler positioned where once there was tins of spaghetti hoops. Having put a shower where the boiler flue used to be, in house v2.5, it had to be moved to a new location and as such the cupboard has been left ’empty’. I say it this way because as with all building projects, ’empty’ spaces normally get filled with junk and this was no exception!

Anyway, the jig-saw converted unwanted bits of broken wardrobe into shelves that have cut-outs for the various pipes and cables that remain in the cupboard, the puny drill made holes in the shelf supports and the mega hammer drill (it’s huge!) was used to punch some holes into the wall to fix the supports. Even the electric screwdriver came out of the cupboard to attach screws to holes etc.

I have little or no ability when it comes to DIY, but I’m chuffed with today’s efforts, although I’ve not risked putting anything on my new shelves. Got to take these things one step at a time….

I have some catalogs of kitchens units to work my way through (otherwise known as kitchen porn) and hopefully the quote for replastering the back bedroom will be in soon. House v3.0 is on the horizon!!!

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