2 weeks

A catch up day today. I think I over-did things the last few and really felt exhausted this morning having gone to bed way later than intended. But at least Mt Ironing has been reduced to flatlands.

Tai Chi, several trips to the post office and finally visit work to see my own team who I last saw a fortnight ago, prior to the events in Cambridge.

It was weird to admit that actually there is something not-right at the moment. Actually I don’t seem to function at all, as if the brain has been mashed up. Still feeling emotionally numb with the sporadic feeling of deep sadness triggered by nothing in particular. I’m told this will pass, but in many ways being allowed to grieve would be welcome. I need to do less apparently as I’ve been keeping myself very occupied. That’s me ¬†through and through.

Apparently I need to see the GP. This is really odd because I don’t really know what to say. ‘My head is scrambled, can you help?’ doesn’t really seem to cover it somehow.

At least the kitchen is tidy – all the stuff on the surfaces and floor has been given temporary homes around the place – there isn’t the space to properly house them, but at least I can go in there and not feel like I’ve entered the scene of an explosion in a surplus store. Still plenty of boxes to unpack, much of the paperwork I need is in those.

Apparently the chief turned up to the funeral. Must admit I saw something in the distance whilst I was there which registered as someone senior, but Mark would have been very proud to get that level of people attending. I’m impressed, although it would have been nice to have spoken to him, to thank him for coming. I’ve still not looked at the comments book provided by Cambs, just too early at the moment. I’m not really taking things in yet so I’ll leave it a little while until I can appreciate it.

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