A Day in Life – re-purposed in 2018

Street lights illuminate the fog, silhouetting the conifer in the foreground

About 3 years ago, I reorganised all my writings to focus on more running aspects. Indeed since then, the whole of the website has been re-purposed to support the running that I do along with the coaching I offer to others.

At the time of the revamp, I split the blogging section into two. At the time it was essentially ‘old stuff – titled “A Day in the Life”‘ and ‘new stuff – titled “The Running Man”‘. It made sense at the time as the ‘old’ blog really charted my musings and life through a very turbulent period up until things began to settle down. In truth, as things settled down, my need to write reduced which is really why “The Running Man” posts are almost all related to races I’ve been involved in.

On Wednesday, a great deal of media time was directed towards #WorldMentalHealthDay. In a rare pique of social media, I added my tuppence-worth on Facebook. I don’t like using Facebook and am only on it to run the two business pages and to contribute to the running groups I’m involved with.

It became apparent that, with the re-focusing of the website, the outlet I previously used to talk about such things was now homeless. However, with the social change which has resulted in mental health being discussed more over the past year, I’ve found myself dipping back into those articles and sharing their contents. Whilst some of the content is, at best fluff, a lot of it remains pertinent, even if just to the point of seeing how I got from there to here.

It feels right therefore for this ‘historic’ record to continue to be updated. With “The Running Man” focusing on the sport aspect of my life going forward, “A Day in the Life” will continue alongside to provide a space for those other thoughts. I don’t want to split them off into another website though as their content really does flow across both blogs. However, they’re individually listed so that it’s easier to find the stuff you might be interested in.

Stay tuned…….


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