A long weird week (involving strawberries, kittens and big hills)

Well that’s the end of a busy and unusual week.

It started with an ‘away-day’ – a sort of morale boosting day without the boosting of much morale (but at least the lunch was fine). I say fine, that was the first allergic reaction of the week, thank goodness for antihistamine.

I knew I was taking a risk with the rather nice looking strawberry gateau even if the strawberries didn’t come my way. But it seemed too much of an opportunity to try to enjoy a type of food I rarely get to eat (no point buying or making one for myself if I’ve got to scrape out half of it into the composter).

Tuesday was a course which meant poking a computer with intent for several hours whilst one of the course trainers was rude to various people who, to be fair, probably deserved it.

So it took until Wednesday until the day looking anything like ‘normal’ and it was spent mostly sitting in traffic jams and being on-hold on the telephone.

Ignoring Thursday (which I can’t remember any gems about at all) Friday was a lot like Wednesday except the traffic jams were longer. And I ate a wrap which I had an allergic reaction to which meant driving to give an interview on Radio 1xtra was a little more nervy than normal as the antihistamine seemed to be on it’s own lunch break and in no hurry to counter the reaction.

I’m led to believe the Radio 1xtra programme will be broadcast on June 15th when, with any luck, I’ll be half way up a mountain on a road bike……..

So we’re at another bank holiday and in a shocking coincidence it has lined up with my weekend off. And in an even more startling development it has been sunny all day on a bank holiday Saturday! So at least it gave me the perfect opportunity to get out on the bike for a couple of hours and keep the pressure on the fitness whilst the running legs remain in casualty.

In other news……

  • the ‘about’ page has been updated; well it’s been the same for nearly 2 years so it was time for a change.
  • the sciatica is definitely improving – I managed to walk about half a mile on Monday which was further than I’ve done since the onset.
  • my Edinburgh marathon festival stuff arrived today which was of course a little frustrating as I’m not going to be running it having been out of training for almost all of the second half of the training programme.
  • bike rides are going well although I’ve only done the one this week which involved a lot of struggling up hills in High Peak whilst other cyclists were hurtling downhill in the other direction.
  • still no house news, or mortgage news.
  • I couldn’t think of a good header picture for the post so it’s a stock internet ‘fluffy kittens’ picture

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