Rosemary Tea – it’s good for you apparently!

First free weekend in what feels like quite a while.

I say free in the loosest sense. I can’t remember the last time I woke and thought ‘I’ve got nothing to do’.

Frankly Saturday had been planned almost to the minute. Well at least allowing for a lie-in until 9am when the first lot of washing went onto the line and the bedding went into the washer so there was just enough time to get that out onto the line before viewing a house with the estate agent.

The viewing went quite well and I decided to put forward an offer – there’s stuff to do with the place but unless something hideous comes back on the survey it’s not insurmountable.

Then I headed to talk mortgages with a broker. Fortunately for him, my obsession with numbers meant that I could complete all the paperwork in about a third of the allotted time as I knew exactly what my income and expenditure was.

Not that this mattered. Apparently my expenditure is quite low. I knew this because when you’re feeding one human and a cat, don’t drink or smoke and have no idea when it comes to clothing fashion, it rather limits what I spend on a weekly basis. The adviser wasn’t too happy with the numbers as they ‘looked suspiciously low’ and so the expenditure numbers were nudged up. So I’m not sure why I bothered when I could have just plucked the numbers from thin air in the first place.

Anyway I await the results of the offer and the mortgage application.

An afternoon of shopping and gardening and an evening in front of the TV watching some of the BBC2 anniversary programmes whilst ironing took me right through.

I have of course missed mentioning the 27 mile bike ride, which was rather pleasant but still giving me the concerns that my fitness is a long way from where I want it. I can’t contemplate running at this time, so Edinburgh is now definitely off the cards. However I’m hopeful about the bike rides, although my plans of epic distances have been scaled back to something more realistic and sensible. I am broken and knocking on a bit, after all.

I discovered a Mary Berry programme I’d recorded but not watched and discovered that Rosemary tea is apparently good for you. So I made some. To be fair, it looks like dirty dish water and takes of Rosemary. So I’m yet to be convinced!


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