First post-sciatic workout

Well it’s been a month since the sciatica took hold properly and other than a tentative walk a week later to try to convince myself things weren’t too bad, it was the only exercise I’d done. Even the 0.75 mile walk to work was too far for comfort which for someone who is generally pretty active, was quite difficult to stomach.

But things do seem to be moving in the right direction, at last. I’ve got more intensive physio booked for the end of May which does mean that Edinburgh marathon is out of the question now. So running wise, assuming the leg does settle, I’m pinning my long distance hopes on Chester in October. This does give me the 4 months preparation from June assuming that I can start training after the physio.

Today I didn’t feel as immobile as I have done so I dug out my nice Myeloma UK cycle shirt that they kindly forwarded for the 2014 challenge and took my ride to work bike on it’s first proper outing – the trips I’ve managed to work only take about 2 minutes so it’s not really given me a feel for the beast.

In the end I chose the reverse of my first 16+ mile running route from 2012 taking in the bad surface of the roads both in Stockport and in Cheshire. I did have concerns that either me, the bike, or both would get rattled to pieces at a few points and diving around pot holes that would make Chilean miners have flashbacks were just a couple of the hazards.

But I seem to have made it back in one piece. A bit achey I’ll admit and whether I’ll be able to move tomorrow is a natural concern as I’m back in work and might need to use my legs at some point as I don’t fancy my chances on  an office chair on the stairs…

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