How many muffins make a marathon?

Well, 3 weeks after the back started to niggle and I’m still out of training. The sciatica decided to go for another twist yesterday and another trip to the osteopath was required. It’s getting beyond a joke now, not that there was much humour in the first place.

And with only 6 weeks to Edinburgh, the reality is that I’m going to have to miss the race unless something miraculous happens to my back in the next couple of days. I must say I’m gutted about this but getting fit again is far more important as if I can’t run at all, I’d have to find another way to fundraise. And whilst I can bake cakes, to match last year’s £2000+ raised, well that’s an awful lot of muffins to sell!

We said goodbye to a friend yesterday who is leaving the area to pastures new. Actually this is the second leaving do as a couple of people couldn’t make the first one. But where there’s a will, there’s the opportunity for a party. And there was. And we did.

It was a lively affair, but the food worked out well given it was somewhat unplanned. But it did end in cake, so what’s not to like!

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