Is it wrong to have a toilet in the wardrobe? Or just plain odd?

I started the task of house-hunting last week with my favourite ‘property-porn‘ website Rightmove. I guess it’s a bit of a guilty pleasure being able to pore over the details of other people’s choice of wallpaper and soft furnishings from the comfort of my own living room.

I also suspect I’m not alone in doing this.

Anyway, I looked at two such finds in the real world this morning. It’s been a while and it’s left me probably more confused than I was before. In fact in the second house I spent more time nattering to the owners and stroking their ragdoll cat than I did inspecting whether or not the house itself would be suitable.

At least the other house was empty of owners and I was shown around by the estate agent.  It started OK but then descended into the  realms of bizarre. The second bedroom had it’s own toilet, but it was situated in the bedroom wardrobe. It also had  a shower unit in the corner of the bedroom.

Someone was taking the concept of en-suite a little too far in my opinion.

Having left the two houses I went into Stockport to pick up my new bike. I just need to get my leg fixed and my fitness back up again to tackle a few of these bike challenges I’ve set myself this year.

Having not had the opportunity of photographing the khazi in the cupboard, I’ve had to head-up this entry with a picture of the bike in an inappropriate place.

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