Hearses, limping and gawping

It’s been a busy week so far.

Monday and Tuesday were characterised by the fact that whenever I went out driving for work I seemed to end up in a queue behind a funeral cortege. In two days I think I followed 4 hearses. Maybe last week was a particularly bad week but the coincidence seemed to be getting beyond the pale.

Thankfully I wasn’t immediately behind, instead a few cars back. Ever since Mark’s funeral I’ve found it very hard whenever I’ve seen a fully laden hearse, especially if I’m immediately following behind the cars. It does cause flashbacks and I usually have to make a diversion to avoid the situation.

The sciatica is still giving me grief. I’ve had two loads of physio and whilst that’s helped massively, the frustration of not having trained for 2 weeks now is immense, especially as there is no end in sight.

Unfortunately I’m going to have to drop out of the Snowdonia race this weekend; it’s a tough one anyway, but given I can’t walk without limping, running on the injury is never going to be a good idea.

It’s amazing how much attention it draws too. I have done a little bit of walking in order to keep things moving and to do some exercise before I go totally insane. Walking down the road it’s hard not to notice the gormless gawping of drivers as they go by. Now, if I’d spouted a second head, or a third arm, yes I’d have it there would be something to notice.

But a limp? Really?

It made me wonder how much of that behaviour must go on towards people with real disabilities and I could only conclude they must get this unwanted attention all the time if my little experiences were anything to go by.

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