A Fence is the New Defence

Well it’s been a bit of a breakthough week I guess.

Having attempted a cross-trainer session on Sunday I threw caution to the wind yesterday and had a go on the treadmill. Now I had said I’d avoid doing this until I’d had my intensive physio but the timing felt right. I took things slowly, no point trying to break any records here, other than the record break I’d had in the training.

All in all things seemed OK. Not wonderful, not disastrous. Just OK. The back feels odd still which suggests that I’m right in not pushing things at this stage but it was nice to get a time and a distance recorded onto Smashrun for the first time since March.

After 60 or so years the fence running between my house and my neighbour has been replaced. The only problem is now that it highlights what a tip the rest of my garden is. In fact, during the day I managed to do a little bit of tidying in between the persistent showers (yes, it persisted it down in true Manchester fashion!)

Whilst the rain was falling, I discovered an interesting video (well I thought it was) about the building of the Merseyway¬†shopping centre in Stockport in the 1960s. Interesting ethos. Interesting fashion. Same old 1960s concrete. I do wonder if, in 30 years, we’ll look at all the glass-based building of the 1990s/2000s in the same dim light as we do of the structures of the 1960s. You can view the footage at¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rMDBfgr5CNs

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