A week of nights, a weekend of sepia.

Other than an occasional blip it’s been a few years since I worked overnight on a regular basis. And in fact, I settled into it reasonably well again this week despite the sky being bright as I got into bed.

It did result in a decision to not run during the week. I didn’t want to get up, run 10 miles and then find at 5am I was entirely unable to function. That would not be a good thing.

So instead I held off until the weekend. Even that was complicated slightly as my body-clock was dragged back into daytime hours. I finally got onto a treadmill this evening which the Sunday roast was in the oven and hammered out a 10k in just over 40 minutes, so that was pleasing although it would have been even better to have gone outside to do that!

Riverbank Barbed Wire

I had a visitor over on Saturday which was a nice social meeting involving a vast amount of eating and more than just a little photography. Having an errand to run we managed to find a good location for some atmospheric picture taking and as with all such ventures, the results were a mixed bag with some stuff working out and others not. I was really pleased with the above photo, especially with filters in place. Normally I would shoot the background in focus with the barbed wire in the foreground being soft-focussed out, Yet the reverse is actually far more striking. I can’t lay claim to being behind that camera in this one – I’m the figure in the photo!

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