Life on film (or it’s digital off-spring) – part II

I’m not sure whether it’s me or just the way the Flickr website has changed. Either way, for some reason the links on the blog seem to have stopped linking and I can’t persuade them to play at the moment.

I finally parted with some money on official race photographs for the challenge. I was asked by Myeloma UK to provide a piece for their fundraising material (this is the charity I’m raising money for) and hence I thought it was time to get the first of the photos. I’ve got them for all but 2 races – I don’t mind spending a few pounds on a digital photo, but when a couple of them wanted £17 each for a single photo (which was all I wanted), it just felt too steep. So for Anglesey and for Chester, the evidence of the race will just have to be the classified results I’m afraid.

So you can find the photo archive for ‘the 13 Challenge’ here.

Whilst I was putting this together I remembered I had received a DVD of photographs taken by one of my friends last month at the War & Peace festival. He’s a great photographer and the shots came out well. Certainly the action shots of the staged battles were a superb reflection on what we saw. So combined with a few I’d taken, they now have a gallery also. Click to see the War & Peace Archive.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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