Beyond the winter solstice – we’re heading for summer

For me, Christmas is a rare opportunity where my side of the family get together. Although we are few in number, we’ve spread ourselves out a bit, which means get-togethers take a lot more planning than they might. Hence they don’t happen very often.

Beyond that, my needs are all but met. There’s the usual stress of finding presents for people  which they are going to value. Which generally means asking them what they want, which rather removes any surprises. Yet we still wrap those said presents to try to retain some mystique about them. Likewise, I know I’m a pain to buy anything for. If I need the item, I’ll have already got it (as it’s required).

But that’s all I need. It’s simple, family orientated and the only day of the year I eat Turkey. Not for any reason other than the fact if I roasted a turkey for myself during the year, it literally would last me (and the cat) all year!!!

Today I visited the physio to see what was happening with a couple of the recent bodily niggles. After the sciatica debackle earlier in the year, I decided that it would be best to not ignore things. And by the sounds of it I was right to do so, judging by the pain my physio put me through this morning. Apparently everything is looser now (and not just down to getting rid of the above rant) and I have a few new exercises to perfect.

By the way things were described I’m wondering how I managed to do as much running as I have done this year, without some sort of cartoon shattering of skeleton and ending up in a broken heap.

I apparently have arches which are huge, twisted legs and knees in the wrong place. All hereditary apparently (thanks parents!!). What a fabulous way to start the day!!! I’ve also been advised not to run more than 100 miles each week and to ensure I don’t starve myself, not that this is something which is likely to impact on my life, although I’m perhaps wise to not wear shorts where other people might become frightened of my Frankenstein lower torso!

Anyway, for those reading this, I hope you have a great Christmas.

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