Blogging on the move

Well most of the time when I blog, I’m sat at home, normally writing about what has happened over the previous few days or hours.

In a nod to technology, for once I’m writing whilst on the move. But before you start ringing the highways agency to look out for a motorist raging against a computer with a long cable hanging out the window back home, I’ve thought about that one.

I’ve gone wireless. And by train.

This was supposed to be the trip to run my second marathon in the glorious Scottish capital of Edinburgh. However despite having withdrawn my entry due to the interruption of the training due to sciatica I figured I’d still make a trip away of it. Heck, I’d bought the rail tickets and sorted the accommodation so why not?! 🙂

As luck might have had it my physio also came through, admittedly in deepest Perthshire, which was a tad bizarre. So it all worked out although I had to rebook my journey home.

So what had stated out as a weekend off running has turned into a mini break of relaxation and physio after which I’m hoping the training can be resumed.

With June on the horizon this is a good psychological boost. In a couple of weeks the second anniversary of Mark’s death will be around and that’s quite a difficult thing to come to terms with. Things are raw still, yet it could equally be ten years ago. And I need to plan the journey down there too which is something a complication, but it’s opportunity to catch with that side of family so again i see as a positive.

To try to compensate against this difficult stuff I’ve put a couple of nice things in around my birthday to see me through that period. The bike ride is booked and so is the concert. So it matters not whether I’m growing old disgracefully or otherwise, but at last I’ll hopefully have a good time.

I’m already planning the runs for when I’m able to train again. The next marathon date had been noted and it’s local to me which helps. I’ve already booked my first half marathon for 2015 and also requested details about another event which interests me although I’ll have to think hard about the training.

Let’s get the physio done first and then start the training afresh. I’m looking forward to it already, and it feels great to be positive:-)


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