Onwards, north

It was a slightly odd evening yesterday.

We spent the afternoon in a variety of pubs during the afternoon soaking up the Edinburgh atmosphere whilst trying to avoid soaking up the Edinburgh rain, of which there was lots. As we went into town we were meet by a sea of blue half marathon t-shirts walking in the opposite way as many people had already completed that course.

I guess it was only when catching up with friends who had run the marathon itself did I begin to feel a bit left out. Now there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that with the sciatica and the subsequent lack of training that this was the correct thing to do. But I can’t hide the fact I was green with envy looking at people around me, and on other tables in the pub we were in, with their finishers t-shirts proudly worn along with their finishers medals. Although I must say I’ve never felt the need to wear any finishers medal myself anytime other than immediately after walking away from the course.

But these are proud moments for people for which this was no doubt a great achievement. So you can hardly blame them.

I left Edinburgh this morning to travel north for the next leg of the journey. It’s a bank holiday here too although there were a surprising number of people in suits walking through Haymarket railway station. The hope is after this excursion I’ll be able to train again too and I’ve already decided in my own mind is my next challenge will take me back up to the full marathon distance, not as a one off but instead as the norm. If the body will join me on the journey!

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