Cars, Cats and Cakes

Having got back into my old routine on Monday for the first time in over 6 months, I must say that today’s quiet day was much appreciated, especially knowing how busy things will be over the next 4 days. My (work) car died in unspectacular style yesterday, lighting up every light on the dashboard before losing all power and ceasing to be any use moments later. I needed to be recovered…….

Despite my surprise, the work on the house does seem to be moving towards completion. The shower room now actually contains a shower, or at least a shower tray and side walls. The toilet and sink are currently in the dining room, but that’s more a practicality of construction rather than some form of lifestyle statement.

Will it be completed this week? Well I’m still going with my instincts of ‘NO’ but with any luck everything will function to a greater or lesser extent. I’m not anticipating there will be any doors, nor a porch completed but at least I’ll be able to get on with the painting which hopefully will make getting carpets down in January a possibility. So I might be able to move into my new bedroom soon 🙂

Then I can consider the next phase of working………. Consideration might be as far as it goes!

As I type the cat has overheated. It was on the beanbag (see cat – foot – beanbag dilemma) and sprawled out over the carpet before deciding that food and out was a better idea. It’s a stressful life for a cat at the moment in this household, especially if you dislike change (e.g. a house alteration project going on around you) and are petrified of people (e.g. builders). He got up for food this morning then went back to the beanbag only to be frightened when they arrived. I had to rescue said cat (again, we had this yesterday after I got home from work) – complete with dinner-plate sized eyes –  and carry him to the kitchen so he could run out the back door and out of the way until they had left.

ImageTomorrow is our work Christmas Do and was organised by one of our own team. Who managed to arrange it whilst we were working. So we can’t go. Needless to say we aren’t impressed. However we’ll try to make do ourselves and arrange our own meal, albeit a snack one as it will no doubt get disturbed by A N Other. So my contribution is pudding (well why would it be anything else?). Anyway, two cakes baked this evening – Chocolate Fudge cake and Lemon Drizzle Cake. That’s 2 of my ‘5 a day’ having redefined chocolate as one of them when I ceased to be able to tolerate apples 😉

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